COVID-19 Volunteer Support

COVID-19 Volunteer Support

Free GTA Delivery Service

Kiran Kaur is a Breckles Insurance Broker. Energetic and always willing to lend a helping hand in the office. Outside of the office, Kiran can be found volunteering her time within her community in many different capacities. When the disruption of COVID-19 hit all of us by surprise, Kiran naturally found an opportunity to help people in need.

Today, Kiran’s volunteering commitment involves delivering food (and essential products) to those impacted by the disruption of COVID-19. This includes those self isolated, under strict isolation, or most vulnerable to COVID-19. Kiran is reaching out to anyone in need, no questions asked. She is also looking to talk to people who are interested in joining her. Feel free to reach out to ask for help (or offer help) by submitting an online request.  Kiran will personally be in contact with you.

Request for free delivery service – GTA (essential personal products only)
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Social/Physical Distancing Volunteer Ideas

Perhaps joining Kiran’s team is not for you because of social distancing. There are many things we can do to help during this challenging time. Consider these ideas:

  • Donating blood important. Canadian Blood Services has information on what you need to consider.
  • Collecting food donations from homes or businesses, and delivering them to food banks. Arrange appointments to have the delivery picked up at the front doors to support social distancing.
  • Entertain children online with virtual story telling or activities. There are many parents who are not able to entertain their children and need help. A one hour online event would be great for families who need the help.
  • Online fitness to keep us motivated. If you have the knowledge and skills to instruct simple fitness ideas, now is great time to help. For most of us, our daily physical activity included commuting for work and physically moving around in our work space. Although this is not the most ideal physical activity, it was a reality for most of us. We all need some ideas to help keep us physically healthy during this time of confinement to our homes.
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