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Like many brokers in the insurance industry I did not plan to be an insurance broker.  This is my second career and proud to make it my last.  Insurance got my attention in 2007 where I quickly learned how rewarding it is to connect with people and properly protect what they value most.  As the world around us changes I continue to challenge myself to anticipate risk in peoples lives and mitigate uncertainty with the best insurance products in the market.

My first career was in the car business where I moved from Toyota to BMW to Jaguar.  I learned the importance of relationship sales and earned a spot as a sales manager.  My passion for quality built cars and dealing with people was a great fit for over 15 years.

The insurance industry provided me with a work life-balance where I could better manage my personal life and enjoy quality time with my wife and three children.  As family, we make it a point to enjoy quality time at home in the yard or on a local adventure to parks or trails.  When I am not with the family, I am fortunate enough with good health to still play hockey and golf regularly – without too many aches and pains.

My business focus started with home and auto insurance.  I then learned commercial insurance where I started to develop strategic insurance plans for my customers.  My strategic thinking brought new opportunities where I now help employers, associations and affinity partners set group insurance plans.  Here’s a great example –

My goal oriented and project driven personality continues to motivate me to better myself.  I look forward to the next phases of my life with family, friends and valued clients.

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All of my experiences with Breckles have been wonderful. They went above and beyond in order to create significant savings on both my home and auto insurance. The process was done quickly and the staff were very helpful. Would highly recommend!

Sam Bligh