Home Insurance Brokers Help Dispel Home Insurance Myths

The value of a house is the sum of the value of its characteristics and costs. However, our homes frequently can evoke strong feelings when it is associated with personal memories and stories. The connection with our domicile only makes even more important the need for finding the right home insurance.

The search for the most appropriate insurance provider is usually considered confusing. Home insurance brokers know that homeowners have problems once they try to save money by not hiring professional help. The complexity existing in this type of service has created several myths that intimidate those in need of a reliable coverage.

Some myths that home insurance brokers have noted when talking to homeowners are:

  • Many people believe that home insurance policies do not vary from one provider to another;
  • The market value determines how a home is insured;
  • Home insurance will automatically cover an Earthquake;
  • Home insurance will cover damages caused by insect or rodents;
  • Home insurance provide coverage for maintenance;

Policies can vary significantly from one provider to another; a house is insured for the cost to rebuild it; damages caused by earthquakes and animals might not be covered; and home insurance does not cover maintenance to a home.

All the misconceptions above illustrate how important home insurance brokers and their services can be.  Home insurance brokers will provide you a list of several insurance agents and their respective rates. This will allow you to choose what is better for your house without handling common misconceptions through the process.

Offering services that are practical, affordable and free of myths, home insurance brokers will use their research and connections to offer protection against several factors which can affect the value of your house. The basic goal of a professional home insurance broker is to provide a reliable service that will help you keep your property safe at a competitive price.

Breckles is committed to obtaining their clients the most competitive pricing available on the market. Representing over 30 insurance partners in Canada, Breckles proudly serves Toronto, the GTA and the entire Province of Ontario.

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