Markham Office

Ben Malik
President x221
Christopher Coniglio
Senior Vice President, New Business Development x242
Kevin Kiely
Vice President, New Business Development  x265
Elena D'Agostini
Vice President, Operations & Human Resources x224
Emilia Voicu
Vice President Finance & Controller x274
Judy Stewart
Personal Lines Manager x227
Jonathan Levy
Vice President, Private Client Division x237
Roger Chen
Vice President, Digital Marketing and Communications x271
Sandra Bennett
Vice President, Information Technology x226
Commercial Lines Sales
Chris Kiely x217
Gary Banks x251
Harley Polevoy x218
Mathew Harris x212
Steve Sargent x248
Maura Moore x203
Andrejs Zinovskis x262
Justin Bao x268
Commercial Lines Customer Service
Denise Jeremie x252
Maria Baptista x234
Pam Edmunds x231
Sarah Porter x240
Personal Lines Sales
Kelly Banks x209
Michelle Mendoza x207
Jo-Ann Banks x272
Krista Banks x232
Personal Lines Service
Joanne Mintz x270
Shan Kwan-Woo x228
Sandra Ali x210
Sharon McGhee x211
Gail Armstrong x214
Sara Lamoso x257
Irene Zaman x247
Lucile Schorle x229
Geraldine Bella x244
Anne Masood x213
Juliana Ciulla x208
Life Service
John Johnson x253
Glenn Davis x220
Group Sales
Bob Kerr x266
Claims Service
Margarete Cunningham x254
Margo Jones x255

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