Our Story

Lorne Breckles founded our company from his home in east Toronto over 60 years ago.  Ever since then the company has thrived by helping Canadians buy home, auto and business insurance – Protecting What You Value Most.

Today we have over 30 licensed brokers carrying on our purpose – Advocates, with Experience and Expert Advice.

Our Difference, Our Mission

We are independent insurance brokers.  We do not work with just one insurance company.  We search the market for the best combination of product and price to meet our customer’s needs – Tailored Business Solutions.

We do this well because we represent over 30 insurance partners companies operating in Canada today.  Why not enjoy the service and security you deserve by buying your insurance through an independent broker – Peace of Mind.  After all … we work for YOU!

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Did You Know?

Keeping an up-to-date inventory of your personal contents and a record of their value will be very helpful in the event of a burglary or fire

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